January 4 2016 Energy of the Day Last Day of Mercury Direct

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January 4 2016 Energy of the Day Last Day of Mercury Direct

Horoscope January 4 2016 Last Day of Mercury Direct

The astro for today has us preparing for Mercury going retrograde but the planets are continuing on as planned helping us actualize our mission, or purpose. We begin the day with the Sun at 13 degrees, feeling the revolution energy and remembering that triggers come to help you grow and be true to yourself. If you find yourself triggered, ask yourself what the universe is trying to show you about yourself. The Moon in Scorpio is working with Neptune, the Sun and Pluto today helping in this shift.┬áThis energy is bringing up some of the deep feelings and work that we will be transmuting with Mars in Scorpio. The meeting of the Moon and Pluto preambles the Sun Conjunct Pluto that will be happening tomorrow. Use this energy as part of your internal shift into actualizing your purpose. Mercury Square Mars energy will probably be a part of the trigger work… pay attention to your mind’s part of any trigger. More in the video below! Namaste!

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take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3


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