January 8 2016 Energy of the Day Building to New Moon in Capricorn

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January 8 2016 Energy of the Day Building to New Moon in Capricorn

Horoscope January 8 2016 Building to New Moon in Capricorn

We are building to the New Moon in Capricorn happening tomorrow evening! The New Moon is an amazing time to plant seeds, intentions, but the dark of the Moon before is a perfect time to ripen the soil (I typed soul probably not by accident! 😉 ) and tend to yourself the way you would a garden preparing to be planted. We have to removed obstacles that get in the way, the thoughts of fear, lack, and low value that can stop us from receiving the blessings we desire. This is why, when we come upon the dark of the Moon, we feel it so strongly. Its part of the purpose to till the soil! We get to feel through and work through this energy today and I shared one of my own realizations that came through in this dark moon energy (in the video) Mercury coming back into Capricorn may be filled with the should’s and the lists of how it should be already. In order to get where we really want to be, we have to shrug off the shoulds that we ourselves have clothed ourselves in, as well as the expectations of society and our families…and Recognize… Strongly, and firmly that you are right, in this moment, exactly where you are meant to be. When you can get clear in that, you can ask yourself the important questions…. Are you happy? Are you connected? To people you love, and the universe? What do you want? What does your soul need? How do you feel? Get clear so you can get clear in the way you are guided to move, instead of following the way that has always been. There is healing available to you in all this. Sometimes we notice that we’ve turned from the direction that we wanted to move in and there can be grief for time lost… but we need to remember the lesson above, that even that detour was meant to be and part of the lessons. You are exactly where you are meant to be in this very moment. Allow the universe to help guide you softly to your next post. Allowing your passion, is a huge part of your response-ability to yourself and your soul. I believe in you. More in the horoscope video below! Namaste!

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take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3

be the soul of that place


  1. This is especially inspiring! Thank you!

    • Thank you so much! Happy New Moon day!

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