January 9 2016 Energy of the Day NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN

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January 9 2016 Energy of the Day NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN

Horoscope January 9 2016 NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN

Happy New Moon in Capricorn happening at 5:30 PM PST today! To me, each new moon is kind of like a New Year… filled with potential and energy ready to come forth to be birth, co-created, manifested. The first of the year, in Capricorn is definitely carrying the energy of potential for you to create with. I think the other part of the New Moon is the willingness to be present for anything that shows itself to you during this time. Between the energy of Mercury and Jupiter retrograde as well as the dark of the Moon, we have such an opportunity to go in and examine and feel through whatever is showing up to move through us. This Moon makes a connection to Pluto before the New Moon, so take advantage of whatever shows up and be willing to show up for yourself. The Moon will also meet up with Uranus in Aries bringing a reminder that we are so much more than we know and see. The largest part of you is unseen, and there is opportunity to bring that forward. I love the sabian symbol for this new moon at 19 degrees. “A five year old child carrying a bag filled with groceries.” This new moon in Capricorn is a good time to cultivate an awareness of where you have taken on responsibilities in your life that aren’t yours to take care of. This doesn’t mean drop everything that you are doing for everyone as I do believe we are meant to show up in people’s lives in many different ways… This relates more to taking something on that isn’t yours to take on… Someone else’s emotions, lessons, heavy energy. Many light workers do this consciously and unconsciously. I personally believe I have been doing it since being in the womb. Its not an easy thing to disconnect and let go, as many of us do have our worth tied into this “helpfulness” but we need take a lesson from this New Moon and know that we are worth while for the energy that we bring, the light and awareness that we shine. Take your worth to a new level and take steps in taking care of your own response-ability. I do believe that when we really show up for ourselves in our life… that without taking anyone’s stuff on, we are better able to help others! There’s huge work to be allowed in this energy! Cheers to you in working through! Namaste!

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take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3

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