July 25 2017 Energy of the Day Mercury in Virgo

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July 25 2017 Energy of the Day Mercury in Virgo

Astrological Vibrations July 25 2017 Moon in Leo Trine Uranus, Moon Conjunct Uranus, Moon into Virgo, Mercury into Virgo (Mercury in Shadow period before retrograde), Mayan Day Out of Time – (Mayan New Year’s Eve), Building to Sun conjunct Mars

A lil more shift coming through today with Mercury moving into Virgo. Mercury will be going retrograde in Virgo at 11 degrees on August 12… We are in the shadow period before retrograde and I do have to mention that at times, I find the shadow period before retrograde is a time where I need to be a lil more vigilant about Mercury issues. Mercury rules communication and technology. During retrograde period (and at times the shadow period before and after retrograde) we may have misunderstandings, technology issues crop up.. Remember that the universe is always working out for us and having some patience as the things work themselves out is necessary during this time. I also like to employ the energy of the 3 gates when I am communicating as well (plus my additional gates!) Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary? I also like to ask.. is this communication for me or for the other. This can help us maneuver communication issues over this time. It also is a great time to pay attention… Cross your t’s, dot your i’s and re-read anything that you sign your name to! Pay attention to details like we said on Gaia GPS this week!
Mercury in Virgo is a great time to listen to the details your body is sending you. Virgo represents our daily reality and I consider the body to be our reality interpreter! Tend to your body.. Be practical in your treatment of it. This will go far in supporting you through this process. I do think that this transit along with Uranus retrograde upcoming can be nervous system triggers. Tending to your practical every day needs will support your nervous system. The moon in Virgo echoes this message 🙂 Self care self care self care!
Now in addition the other undercurrent we have going on is the Sun building to a conjunction with Mars.. Mars drives our ambition, actions and aligns with passion or aggression.. This combo with the Mercury hanging out at 29 degrees Leo (master degree) through the day until the shift at 4:41 pacific time… can ignite some of those inner fires. It will be up to you of course how you will process them, but i do suggest some physical application! Passion or aggression.. remember that you can choose to expand in joy at any particular moment of your focus. Virgo energy reminds us of our power of focus!
The Mayan Day Out of Time is ending the year of Blue Storm to take us into Yellow Seed… take some time to mull over this particular cycle.. I can say myself this last year for SURE felt like a storm.. Seed intention growing and blooming in the joy garden!



take a moment and dedicate it to focus

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