July 3 2016 Energy of the Day Building to New Moon in Cancer

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July 3 2016 Energy of the Day Building to New Moon in Cancer

Horoscope July 3 2016 Building to New Moon in Cancer

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” – Joseph Campbell

The astro for today has us building to the New Moon in Cancer, and has us deep in the fertile darkness of the cave we feared to enter. The cave of emotions. The place of the feels. But I’m here to remind you of the beauty, the love, the joy, the light and the freedom that you will find when you open your eyes to this cave. Cancer energy tunes us into our feelings and the dark of the Moon can take us into the depths, the feels we refused to feel. It wasn’t time, too painful, just not now! Now is the perfect time and ultimately this New Moon will be one of freedom. The New Moon at 12 degrees reminds us that often, it is ourselves, our minds that hold us back from emotional freedom, freedom of expression, freedom of the self! This dark of the Moon is a time to nurture, to allow those pieces of your experience that have been hiding in the cave. A womb like place of fear and imagination we all carry. We are reminded though, with a connection between Sun and Neptune, there is light available, through compassion and empathy and acceptance. Moon connecting to Mercury reminds you that writing is one of our most powerful tools to connect to these deepest parts and give them the voice and freedom that they desire. As we build to the New Moon, we are reminded that the light is not the one that is outside of us, although it can inspire. You are the light. You have all you need. Let the spirit of firefly inspire your inner light… Turn your lights on.. Love is light reflected… More in the horoscope video below!

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take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3

the cave you fear to enter

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