July 4 2016 Energy of the Day NEW MOON CANCER

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July 4 2016 Energy of the Day NEW MOON CANCER

Horoscope July 4 2016 NEW MOON IN CANCER

The astro for today has the New Moon in Cancer happening at 4:01 am PST. The New Moon in Cancer is a particularly powerful energy as the Moon rules the sign of Cancer. Our feelings and feeding and nurturing our intentions/co-creations that we set with this moon so be vigilant about your feels!
This new Moon is beautiful as the sabian symbol speaks of the light, the anointed energy, the energy of the divine that we carry. We look for help outside, and while everything in the world is walking you home, helping you out (even when it feels like its not helping you!!) you are your own hero… This is a call to help yourself but loving yourself, nurturing yourself, noticing the parts within you that need a lil TLC… Treating yourself as the temple for the chosen one. The energy may test this today as the Moon makes many connections and we move through the second evolution revolution day of Sun in Cancer. Any triggers or tough feelings that come up are showing you where you can fall in love with yourself just a little bit more… The Rumi for this new Moon is, “Love says you cannot deny me, try.” More in the horoscope video below and check out the all new GPS below as well! Namaste!

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All new GPS is up now!

take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3

new moon cancer

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