June 1 2016 Energy of the Day

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June 1 2016 Energy of the Day

Horoscope June 1 2016

Welcome to JUNE! The astro for today has us at 11 degrees Sun in Gemini helping us bring some healing and balance to the mental energy going on. With Moon in Aries connecting to Uranus, we may feel the fires rising when it comes to what we know, what we think and how we act from that place. Tuning into the yum tuck factor in this energy will help direct our focus. Sun in Gemini Square Neptune is working with this mutable change energy to help us expand beyond what we think we know. There is a big process happening for us ALL right now, asking us all to shift, grow, open and change. The energy of surrender is really important through this energy. This grand mutable cross along with Mars retro and the dark of the Moon is taking us into some intense energies as we maneuver through this week. You will be faced with your own resistance and see others dancing with their resistance as well. All you can do is open in and through you. Your responsibility is not the thoughts of anyone else this week. But the universe is also reminding us, this isn’t so bad… can you dance through this energy and celebrate the awareness and new growth and stretching that is happening? The universe believes in us… the universe believes in you. And KNOWS beyond a doubt, you are up for this growth. Moon in Taurus brings an element of sensuality into play. Enjoy the sensual nature of earth as we move through these lessons. Get out in Nature and touch Mama Earth with your bare feet to remind yourself, that you are loved and supported. More in the horoscope video below and check out the New GPS that is below as we dove into these energies and there is a lot of helpful guidance there as well! Namaste!

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GPS! All new and some REALLY good energy came through this week! As we build to the New Moon and through this Grand mutable cross energy


take a moment and dedicate it to peace



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