June 16 2017 Energy of the Day NEPTUNE RETROGRADE 2017

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June 16 2017 Energy of the Day NEPTUNE RETROGRADE 2017

Astrological Vibrations June 16 2017 NEPTUNE RETROGRADE, Moon in Pisces Conjunct Neptune, Moon Sextile Pluto, Moon square Mercury Conjunct Ceres, Jupiter yod in process…

Neptune retrograde is a yearly transit that lasts about 5 months.. Neptune is going retrograde at 14 degrees and will move back to 11 degrees Pisces when it moves direct on November22… take note if you have any planets between those degrees! Just like any retrograde, this retrograde encourages introspection.. and with Neptune in Pisces.. this introspection may lead to tuning into karmic energy, whether past life or or ancestral in nature or even karmic past energy you are still carrying in etheric field that needs to be released. I find my dreams increase during Neptune retrograde, so this may be one way your higher self is working to connect you to any stories and energies you are carrying along with you. We ALL have the ability to connect into these energies… and often setting the intention of, “if there are any past life stories that will support my current process, I’d like to learn of them” will allow spirit and your guides to work with you to bring forth this energy. I have found in my personal life, that often just the knowledge of these connections and a lil shift work can support me majorly in my present process. Now, since there is such strong mental energy, this is usually the block we have to finding out what will support us in our present process. How I address this is remembering to treat these messages and stories as a parable or a story in which to teach me.. It’s not about worrying if it’s true or not.. but rather noticing how it connects to any current lessons you are processing.
One of the gifts in this energy is that often we do not see ourselves objectively, but we can see these other lives from a higher lens… and then in connecting it to this life, we can shift long held patterns.
The Moon in Pisces connecting to Neptune, Pluto and Mercury is definitely supporting this process. Have compassion for yourself as this energy surfaces… we are all playing parts… all the parts, in this play called life. The background Jupiter yod going on is reminding us that the point of this process is to keep aligning with our next highest vibration.. making those conscious connections to self love… Neptune and Venus feeding in connect this with any past energies that are surfacing and the worth connection… Many of us have issues around our worth and although this lifetime definitely has its pieces that fit into this.. chances are there are older vibrations still working you.. however… all is well.. and we do have the power to move through this.. connect in.. pay attention…


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