June 20 2016 Full Moon Sagittarius Sun in Cancer Solstice

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June 20 2016 Full Moon Sagittarius Sun in Cancer Solstice

Horoscope June 20 2016 Full Moon Sagittarius Sun in Cancer Solstice

The astro for today has a lot going on! We have the second Full Moon in Sagittarius for the time of Sun in Gemini, the Moon will then shift into Capricorn and the Sun into Cancer bringing along the energy of the Solstice. This is a powerful portal to walk through and the key word that I got through this energy is INTEGRITY. Integrity with you truth, with your belief, your soul path, integrity with your light. You are the sunshine of your life… This full moon brings the opportunity to release so that you can bring on your shine, be in integrity with your soul shine! As this energy is happening at 29 degree spread with Gemini and Sagittarius and Mercury and Saturn are holding space in the 11 degree Gemini Sagittarius energy, we are coming into completion of this particular set of master level lessons that we have been through over the last few weeks of the Mutable cross. The Moon will then shift into Capricorn, asking us to show up for whatever shifts are coming through with this energy. It may be a lil less proactive than usual with the Moon in Capricorn, but let your proactivity be one of whatever you need for you to show up for you with this energy. With the Sun shifting into Cancer, and the Solstice, we are at the beginning of a brand new season, a new cycle. This cycle is one of nurturing yourself, your feelings, your family – your earth family as well as your blood family, and yourself, and your home…finding sanctuary to work through these processes that we have been moving through this year. This sanctuary is the home within yourself as well as the home you live in, that brings you shelter…. Letting yourself and your home be the temple. There still may be some unknown you are facing, and some shadow to process, but hold faith in the light in you, and let it shine for your way through this potent Full Moon Solstice portal. More in the horoscope video below! Namaste!

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take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3


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