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Astrological Vibrations June 23 2017 Moon in Gemini Opposite Saturn, Moon Sextile Uranus, Moon Square Chiron, Moon into Cancer, NEW MOON IN CANCER 2 degrees 7:31 pm PDT

It’s new moon day! But before we get into the energy of the New Moon in Cancer, we have to finish up the work of Gemini and solidify the space our consciousness is occupying for these transits. The Moon finishing up in Gemini is very busy. The Moon Square Chiron square is the 3rd connection we are moving through between these 2 energies in one week… That, to me, points out that this is an important transit to pay attention to. Chiron in Pisces does attune us to potentially karmic energy, past lives, and spiritual matters that we may have wounds around. Dark of the Moon in Gemini is not afraid to expose the shadows being held in and through this energy. Show up in your divine source consciousness to help yourself move through any of these energies that surface.
Moon connecting to Saturn may show us where we are holding onto some hangups, some beliefs of “things need to happen this way.” Fortunately, that Uranus transit shifts us right on through that energy and reminds us that the universe often has unconventional and surprising ways of bringing things to us. Don’t put an obstacle there because you don’t have the vision.. don’t get hung up in this moment because of a stubborn belief of “it must be this way.”
The Moon will shift into Cancer at 3:07 pm PDT setting us up for this new moon energy. New Moon is the perfect time to utilize the energies of the universe in order to plant seeds (intentions) in our life. Now, Moon in Cancer energy is super fertile for the seeds as Cancer energy brings us the feeling realm… and our feelings can really enhance the experience as we allow the seeds to sprout and grow. The energy mantra today is, “I align with my intentions by nurturing supportive feelings.” It’s important to allow the feels to flow, but don’t forget the consciousness lessons.. and just a lil reminder… our feels are very affected by what we THINK about the feelings that we have. Keep moving in the directions of your alignment… of your intentions. It already is 😉 You have to be the cooperative component and allow this energy.
Finally, one last lil thing… Mother Mary energy.. one of the things that comes up during cancer time is the need for support… the Mother energy…and no matter what your relationship with mother energy is, the Mother Mary card reminds us that we have SO much support in the universe to support us in this process. Align your feelings… ask for the support you need from your team beyond..and let us all move into our alignment!

take a moment and dedicate it to your alignment

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