June 27 2016 Energy of the Day Chiron Retrograde

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June 27 2016 Energy of the Day Chiron Retrograde

Horoscope June 27 2016 Chiron Retrograde

The astro for today has the Moon in Aries giving us a lil fire energy, but under the surface, a more subtle energy, we have Chiron Retrograding at 25 degrees Pisces. Chiron will be retrograde until the beginning of December and will retrograde back to 21 degrees Pisces. Any retrograde is a time to turn within, bring some introspection into the energy at hand. Chiron being the wounded healer, brings a deeper healing energy, understanding and ultimately an opportunity to shift the wounded patterns long followed. This energy in Pisces is especially helpful in shifting patterns as it tunes us into karmic patterning, our ancestors, past lives and ultimately the spiritual understanding that the wound does not make you less than whole and is an important element in our growth, consciousness and evolution process. The wounds that come up are potentially rooted deep in the past, so recognize as you work through this energy you are bringing healing to many generations from the past and also the future. There is a strong element of surrender in this energy, getting beyond the denial into radical acceptance of the is-ness. From there we can find the gifts, because the universe does not offer us anything that does not have a blessing, a golden center. The mental energy is strong as we begin this retrograde, and your mind may try to deny this, the gifts, but the Moon meeting with Saturn at 11 is willing to open up and see. Venus in Cancer connecting to Neptune at 11 is working on maintaining the level of self nurturing as we work through these old energies. Your wound does not make you worth anything less or more. Moon in Aries will square Sun in Cancer… there could be a lil push pull about how to work with this energy… I think it calls for heavy action on the self love, self care, and showing up for what you need to do for you to begin to shift these long held patterns! More in the horoscope video below and check out this week’s GPS all new!

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All new GPS for the week is up! Chiron Retrograde, Mercury in Cancer, Mars Direct and dark of the Moon building to new Moon in Cancer!

take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3

rumi the wound

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