June 28 2016 Energy of the Day

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June 28 2016 Energy of the Day

Horoscope June 28 2016 Last Day Mars Retrograde

The astro for today has the Moon continuing through Aries making connections to Pluto, Uranus and Ceres which will help us with our work with the final full day of Mars Retrograde in Scorpio. Mars Retrograde has been a doozy, bringing up some of the lessons reminiscent of what we went through with Saturn in Scorpio. As Mars prepares to go direct, you may be completing lessons you started working on 3 or so years ago. Let’s these energies surface and recognize, are they moving you closer to your goal or are they taking away from connecting to your desire, your soul, as we have been working on since Mars went retrograde in April. Mars has the ability to tune us into passion or anger. Its movement oriented, so in whatever manner you are moving… this is the time to recognize which direction you are moving in regards to your soul, to your desires, to your passion and deepest motivations. Moon in Aries gets the score when it comes to this. As the Moon in Aries connects to Pluto retrograde, the phoenix action is strong, giving you an opportunity to shift the power back to yourself. This takes this on a structural level. Part of taking back this power is releasing old projections you are still carrying around. What are you still carrying that is no longer authentic to your being? Moon conjunct Uranus and Ceres will help you liberate, shift and nurture yourself through that release.Uranus ultimately is the liberator energy. It came to help you shake off the old life so that new growth can have room and energy to grow. There is great potential in this energy today… Cultivate your awareness about what is coming up and hold presence and space for the process! More in the horoscope video below and check out my reading sale offer as well! Namaste!

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GPS for this week and all the shifts!


take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3

(Art by Phoenix Rebirth by JamesPonce on DeviantArt


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  1. I am forever indebted to you for this inotfmarion.

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