June 29 2016 Energy of the Day MARS DIRECT Mercury in Cancer

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June 29 2016 Energy of the Day MARS DIRECT Mercury in Cancer

Horoscope June 29 2016 MARS DIRECT Mercury in Cancer

The astro for today has some major shift going on! We have the Moon moving into Taurus to kick off the day, and then Mercury moving into Cancer and Mars moving DIRECT later in the afternoon (in the 4 o’clock hour pacific time!) We’ll start with Taurus Moon which sets a sensual tone for the day. Sun in Cancer Moon in Taurus brings comfort seeking to the max. Nurture yourself through the last lil bit of the Mars Retrograde energy and through the final degree of the heavy mental Mercury in Gemini, but also be aware of the production energy through these shifty transits. You may feel like not doing anything at all, but there’s some major flow going on that may bring through some production energy. Stay true to your needs as you are building a foundation for launch in the day. Mercury in Cancer will soften the heavy mental energy, bringing forward the need to merge the feels with the thoughts. Soften into this connection and keep your thoughts kind and nurturing for yourself. Mercury in Cancer can bring on some sensitivity issues… Be conscious of the impact of your words on others and even your own inner speak and hold intention to nurture through and through. MARS DIRECT! Are you ready?! Yes… you are! We have spent since April with Mars retrograding, getting us to hone our desire energy. Mars in Sagittarius was helping us shift truths so that our arrows could fly direct to the target, and with Mars retrograde in Scorpio, we’ve been going through the depths discovering just what it is our soul really wants us to aim for. Mars Retrograde in Scorpio has definitely not been so much about the destination but rather the process and the integrity of reclaiming the power of passion in action. This shift is also not a call for you to dive into action, but to take the water lesson of Scorpio and let this shifted energy carry you. This is the energy of the lotus emerging from the mud, the reverberation of a spring, even a slingshot… but loud and clear the message came to not over do the doing as we shift. You are being guided through this energy. Instead, emerge, unfold, bloom through your passion as you figure out how to move with this new foundation of strength from releasing and processing over the last few months! This has been an intense process, so just as you honor the shifts at the end of yoga, listen to your physical body and let it move you through this shift. Its not urgent that you dive in, unless that’s how the energy carries you! Sun sextile Moon and Moon sextile Neptune in the evening bring an energy of softness… soften into your blooming… There is plenty of time to reach your next destination! More in the horoscope video below and check out this poem by Nikki Hill which demonstrates this shift so well! Namaste!

The Phoenix

Out of the ashes,
I rise
Out of the rubble,
I will rise
Out of any destruction,
I will always rise
I am the phoenix
And I never stay down long

My heart may be bruised,
Maybe even cracked,
But not closed off
I keep going
My finances might be strained at times,
But it was my choice to help my friends
My trust has been tested and broken
But I re-evaluate and set my boundaries

I know what I will and won’t put up with
I know when allowances can be made
And when they can’t

If you expect me to fall apart,
You won’t see it
If you expect me to give up,
You won’t see that either

I am the phoenix
And I will always rise to the occasion
Shit happens all the time
That’s a fact
But I will persevere
And I will rise stronger and wiser than before
And that’s a guarantee!

Nikki Hill

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