June 3 2016 Energy of the Day Building to New Moon Gemini Grand Mutable Cross

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June 3 2016 Energy of the Day Building to New Moon Gemini Grand Mutable Cross

Horoscope June 3 2016 Building to New Moon Gemini Grand Mutable Cross

The astro for today has the intensity still flowing and amping up as we move into the New Moon on Saturday and the Grand Mutable Cross. The good news is that we have almost made it… The rest of the news is that we are being asked to show up big time in this energy. We have Saturn at its closest point to the Sun today, amping up that Saturn energy. What I find interesting is that part of showing up in this energy is letting go of the intense mental energy that is going on. Einstein reminds us that we can not solve problems with the same consciousness that created them. Part of the solution in this energy is taking the monkey mind out for a walk and enjoying what life has provided. We are on the cusp of the next step, of the beyond. Uranus energy, working us through the revolution evolution today is promising revelations to come. We get there through peace, not through the mental jargon taking up the airways. Moon in Taurus connecting to Mercury and Mars and Venus connecting to Saturn are reminding us to honor our passion…what does it feel like?? To know our worth…we spent a long time working through worth issues with Mercury retrograde… you know who you are… and then showing up for the sensual and beautiful aspects in life. The movie Life is Beautiful comes to mind. This is a hard build up… we’re all feeling it to some extent, but remember that this is happening for us. I was also reminded of the power of the 4 agreements in this energy. This is part of showing up, remembering that its not personal, it is up to you to be impeccable with your words, your thoughts, your communications with the universe. Don’t make assumptions… cause as much as we know, we never know all… and do your best… and remember that you ARE doing your best… whew! So… more in the horoscope video below! Namaste!

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take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3


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