June 4 2016 Energy of the Day NEW MOON GEMINI Grand Mutable Cross

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June 4 2016 Energy of the Day NEW MOON GEMINI Grand Mutable Cross

Horoscope June 4 2016 NEW MOON GEMINI Grand Mutable Cross

The astro for today has a New Moon in Gemini happening at 8:00 pm PDT and as move through the day into the New Moon energy, we build in the energy of this Grand Mutable Cross that we have been feeling for the last few weeks. The astro insight that came up with this new moon mutable cross is one of coming back to yourself. We are so used to looking outside ourselves for all the answers. Google is a click away at any given moment, but the universe is reminding us that we don’t need google or even read (or watch) this. The universe is reminding us through this New Moon, that the information is all contained within. You are the revelation. The revelation is not outside of you. And perhaps that is where our greatest resistance lies, in trusting that light within to be there and bear truth/revelation in our lives. Through the astro today, we will be feeling and dancing with this resistance. Through this, keep turning to yourself and trusting that you know how to move through this. This is an age old dance, embedded deep in our souls. Your body knows how to move. The right move may be to take a nap, or a walk, or actually dance on the beach with the waves. No one can tell you how to do your dance in this energy, its just up to you to honor that sacred call. For those who like to know the aspects as we build to this new moon, we have Sun Square Jupiter at 14, Moon Square Neptune at 12, Moon Opposite Saturn at 13, Venus Square Jupiter at 14, Moon Square Jupiter at 14, Moon Conjunct Venus at 14. I think another thing to remember through this square and opposition energy, is that none of this energy is the universe pulling against you or fighting you. Its showing you yourself, your patterns and the places where you can shift the stuckness. Mutable energy is changeable and this energy has potent game changing energy. With Venus conjunct the Sun and Moon at the time of the New Moon, there is an even bigger energy helping us co-create with the universe… Let the Venus self love lessons permeate your seeds, your intentions. I am reminded of experiments that have shown how flowers will bloom and water crystals in beautiful manner when bathed in loving communication. Through the tough times, love on yourselves and those around you that can receive your love… and watch the blooming begin… More in the horoscope video below! Namaste!

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take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3


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