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Astrological Vibrations June 9 2017 Sun Inconjunct Pluto, FULL MOON SAGITTARIUS 18 degrees 6:09 am PST, JUPITER DIRECT 13 degrees 7:02 am PST, Venus Sextile Mars, Moon Conjunct Saturn, Moon Trine Uranus

Today is the end of 2 cycles with Full Moon Culmination in Sagittarius and Jupiter moving Direct in Libra! The Full Moon closes a 6 month cycle from the New Moon in Sagittarius back Nov. 29 2016, and Jupiter went Retrograde February 6 2017… So today is a big day for a wrap up of energies!
We start the day with Sun Inconjunct Pluto kinda sets the tone for the day. Inconjunct is when the energies don’t really see eye to eye. There is transformation through this energy of eye to eye energy however… it’s an opportunity to honor the lessons of Jupiter retrograde in Libra and choose the path that is true to you. Gemini energy can put on masks or twin it up to please the world, but we keep being reminded of the lesson of how important it is to be true to our own energy signature.
Full Moon energy is harvest time but it’s also divine opportunity to release through feelings… The Sabian symbol reminds us that when it comes to anything, there is a balance in being open and in protecting yourself from what does not resonate. Funny that Jupiter is going direct in the sign responsible for balance… The universe truly is working for and with us!
Belief energy is something we are all working at mastering with Saturn in Sagittarius, finishing up this cycle this year. I feel that this is a big part in working through these transits today. Beliefs can be so supportive of our process… such as the belief that the universe is working for and with us… However, beliefs can also be the wall that we slam into as we move into aligning with our life and purpose. This is a good opportunity to notice this, and shed what needs to be shed in order to being in the divine harmony and balance.
Jupiter direct will be working us at 13 degrees for another month… helping evolutionize our self love process. We learned through this transit the importance of finding harmony within the self.. and now we keep moving forward remembering to look for harmony, love, acceptance in the right place… within.
The other astro transits are SO supporting this work.. Venus and Mars connecting helping us honor and find balance within through nurturing action… remembering we are worth living a beautiful life. Moon connecting to Saturn and Uranus will work further to sift through the belief process and help us break through any glass ceiling we may have put upon ourselves.
There is much awareness and understanding and processing to come in and through these transits. Show up in your NOW consciousness…and see how you can keep adventuring through this NOW moment.

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take a moment and dedicate it to inner harmony

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