Jupiter in Scorpio October 10 2017

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Jupiter in Scorpio October 10 2017

Astrological Vibrations October 10 2017 JUPITER INTO SCORPIO, Moon in Gemini Square Mars, Moon Opposite Saturn, Moon Square Venus, Venus Opposite Chiron, Moon Square Chiron, Moon Sextile Uranus, Moon into Cancer

Holy toledo of energy incoming today! I go deep into Jupiter in Scorpio in the scope so I will not be writing as much here… but listen in for all of that. Now I do feel that some of the intensity of the day will be blamed on Jupiter into Scorpio.. and I’m telling ya.. it’s not just that. The Moon in Gemini is activating some mutable cross energies and there will be a crossroads to confront and decisions to be made… Jupiter now in Scorpio will help empower our choices, as we remember that CHOICE is a power… and you can do what is best for you!

Jupiter into Scorpio! For the next 13 months, we will be expanding in our power… but this expansion can and will come in many different ways. Scorpio brings with it the ability to tune into the lightest light, and the darkest dark. Now, along with these energies, we tune into the root chakra, where we have the energies of survival, security, and belonging. A lot of times, fears arise from being out of balance in this energy. Fear is the biggest obstacle we have to our empowerment, which is the highest level of Scorpio energy embodied. Jupiter in Scorpio gives us the opportunity to face these fears, see/find the light in there, and embody and expand in our power. That being said, if we focus completely on the darkness, that energy could be expanded for you. This is why the Jupiter in Libra process was so important before this.. It taught us balance.. to balance the light and the dark, and hopefully it gave us a good foundation in self love, which is always a light that we can hold as we move through any fears and situations that come up through this process.

Scorpio is a magical, transmuting energy.. it brings the energy of the Phoenix… so we all have the power to be reborn in and through this energy.. Jupiter is fiery and Scorpio is deep water.. But Jupiter does carry the empathy of water, and Scorpio is the fieriest of the fire signs.. so this combo can be very steamy!

Through this power and alchemy process, manifestation is also something that can come about as you realize who you are. This also comes along with your healthy relationship with your root chakra that will be ongoing through this 13 month transit!

Ok.. so besides this… The Moon in Gemini and Venus Opposite Chiron and Mars building in a Square to Saturn is putting us at the crossroads… This will be where the majority of any intensity is coming from today and it may be centered around your mind and what you think you should think, vs what you do think, vs what your soul wants from you, vs any old energies that are coming up for healing. This is a lot to balance.. but balance will be the key. The energy mantra for today is, “I show up empowered through balancing my ying.” (yin and yang energies… ) Stay harmonious to you. Figure out what your divine balance is… What makes you feel like yes? And what is up that feels uncomfortable, that needs tending to.

I pulled an awesome card from my Isis oracle at the end of the scope… check that out.. but for the process and the lil incantation that goes with it, check my personal page or my instagram.. such an amazing card to go with these energies… This is an adventure.. and it will be what you make of it

Remember that success comes when we are in balance.. yin and yang and with our shadows and light. You can’t avoid any of those energies if you want to be in your ultimate empowered state!

So much more in the video below!

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take a moment and ground into your power!

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