Lunar Eclipse in Leo February 10 2017 Energy of the Day

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Lunar Eclipse in Leo February 10 2017 Energy of the Day



Horoscope February 10 2017 Lunar Eclipse in Leo


Astrological Vibrations February 10 2017 FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE LEO 22 degrees, Mercury Sextile Venus, Moon Trine Black Moon Lilith, Moon Trine Uranus, Sun Opposite Moon (full moon eclipse 4:33 pm PST), Moon Sextile Chiron, Moon Sextile Jupiter, Moon Trine Saturn

Wow! This eclipse energy has so much mojo working with it. An eclipse adds an extra force of energy to the already intense energy of the Full Moon. This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is a schooling on the subject of love¬†by the universe. It’s time for a love revolution. This energy is a coming home to the source of love seeded within each and every one of us and that connects us all in the inter-web of life. The energy mantra today, “My heart vibration is a love revelation.” really tells us the essence of this energy. It’s time for a love revolution (I know I keep saying it but sometimes we have to hear things a lot to receive the message. What we need to remember as we run around as talking heads is that all the information we need, we have… but WISDOM doesn’t stem from the mind and the head but rather from the heart. This eclipse is a wake up call from the heart of the soul of the soul of the universe and awakening the beat of love from within.
The inner child knows and dances to this beat and seeks this beat in EVERYTHING that exists. There is NOTHING that is not love.. in other words… all is love and anything else is illusion. What if you saw the world from that place? That would be a true love revolution. The chiron aspect brings a level of healing to the oneness in and of all.. this healing is connected to Jesus energy… All loving, all forgiving, sacred heart energy. Your heart has this capacity to bring forth this energy now… This is the love revolution. Your mastery comes back to the oneness in your heart… in your love.
Namaste ~ one love ~ 


take a moment and dedicate it to love

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