March 3 2016 Energy of the Day

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March 3 2016 Energy of the Day

Horoscope March 3 2016

The astro for today has s moving through the Revolution Evolution energy of the Sun at 13 degrees. This is energy that takes us to the next level and things are heating up as we move into the energy of the eclipse next Tuesday. The Moon in Capricorn is showing us where we are in physical manifestation energy, but there is SO much other energy that is making its way in right now. The energy is calling us to let go of the old to allow these new vibrations in. Venus and Jupiter are connected in an inconjunct today lighting up the yod with Uranus. Get grounded so this energy, the electricity, doesn’t short you out, but also pay attention to the information that is being stirred up. There is energy of what is but also what could be that we are working and sorting through. Eclipse energy inspires major release and as it is tied to 18 degrees Jupiter, this is just the beginning 😉 Mars has also hit 29 degrees in Scopio till it shifts on Saturday. Master level lessons in knowing where to draw the line and where to follow the energy of your bliss into the reality you are calling in. Finally, the Sun and Ceres are connecting reminding us to call in the help that we need to work through this. Ceres ties us into the energy of the Mother, but this connection in Pisces is reminding us of the Cosmic Mother archetype. Call on SHE. Let it come in and help you shift. More in the horoscope video below! Namaste!

Book a reading! Powerful time for energy work and astro lessons as we move through! Namaste!



GPS: this week is ALL about Prep for the eclipse


take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3 (Art: The Great Cosmic Mother by OoooKATIoooO)


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