March 4 2016 Energy of the Day Last Day of Mercury in Aquarius Mars in Scorpio

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March 4 2016 Energy of the Day Last Day of Mercury in Aquarius Mars in Scorpio

Horoscope March 4 2016 Last Day of Mercury in Aquarius and Mars in Scorpio

The astro for today has Mercury finishing us in Aquarius and Mars finishing in Scorpio until it retrogrades next month. There are always lessons when planets reach the final degree, and as they will be squaring each other, the energy will definitely be up in our faces. Mars energy already is that, urging us to move, tale action and in the sign of Scorpio, it tunes us deeper into our core desires. There will be a push in us to follow through in that energy today… BUT interestingly Mercury in Aquarius may have something to say about this. I have friends, who anytime they have an idea, their Mom will say, “well how about this instead.” The first idea was fun, it was inspired and felt good, whereas the what about this idea, never makes as much sense… This energy could feel like this. The mind can create anything, and some of the ideas may be wonderful, but some may be counter-productive to you and what you really want. Feel in and through. Get down deep into your gut feelings as they will show you how to move. Moon in Capricorn is making several connections today that will support the energy in honoring our rooted beingness. The Moon in Capricorn will connect to the Sun, Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter. Moon in Capricorn tunes us into the energy of response-ability, how we are showing up in any given situation and the planetary connections are all supporting an honoring of the self in this energy. Pluto and Uranus energy is helping us break through and transform the old way so that we can better shift into the next step. We are reminded that the world is not happening to us, its evolving with us in every moment and supporting us how we need it. The cosmos is mirroring your revelations! The Rumi quote for today helps us shift our focus, “Rub your eyes and look again at love with love.” More in the horoscope video below! Namaste!

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GPS all about the shifts with Mercury and Mars


take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3

eyes of love


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