March 5 2016 Energy of the Day Mercury in Pisces Mars in Sagittarius

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March 5 2016 Energy of the Day Mercury in Pisces Mars in Sagittarius

Horoscope March 5 2016 Mercury in Pisces Mars in Sagittarius

The astro for today has a lot of shift going on with Mercury moving into Aquarius at 2:23 am PST the Moon into Aquarius at 8:22 am PST and then Mars into Sagittarius at 6:28 pm PST. With all this shift, we could feel a lil off balance in the energy. Part of the energy is go go go and then other part is surrender. Honoring what it feels like to you, moment to moment will help the passage through this shift. Mercury in Pisces is a beautiful connection to spirit. The mind energy may be frustrated because its not about concrete facts and figures but rather a deeper union with the mysteries of the universe. In this energy though we can attune deeper into communication with the universe, not through understanding it but noticing where and how it comes in and through for us. The messages will sink in and conscious will know it in perfect timing, so allow the fog and watch the signs, let your not knowing become fascinating to your spirit. This will work beautifully with Mars in Sagittarius. Although Mars will be at 29 degrees through most of the day, letting the core desired energy flutter more and more to the surface, we are beginning to find some focus with Mars shifting into Sagittarius in the evening. The archetype of the hunter came to mind with this energy. With Mars in Scorpio we can feel through and into what it is we want, the rising passionate energy that can drive the energy, and then in Sagittarius we are taking aim at these desires. I love that Mars is working in Sagittarius at the same time as Saturn, which is helping us open to beliefs that lets us take aim and move closer to bringing these unlimited possibilities we can tune into, actually into physical manifestation in our lives. The Moon in Aquarius is interesting in all of this. It can definitely increase the mind energy, but with all the shift going on, getting beyond the mind and grounding into the feelings of the body will help so much. Moon in Aquarius can stimulate our nervous system, which is always tuning into all the sensations going on around us. Tune into the vibes. Notice, ground in and surrender to what’s showing up. As we build to the eclipse and New Moon, lots of energy is rushing forward to be process. Practice gratitude for what is being revealed and showing up for you in the process! FINALL Sun will square saturn… This will show you where your work is, where to practice response ability for surrender and where to aim those arrows! What an interesting astro day! More in the horoscope video below! Namaste!

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take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3

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