March 7 2016 Energy of the Day Building to New Moon Solar Eclipse

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March 7 2016 Energy of the Day Building to New Moon Solar Eclipse

Horoscope March 7 2016 Building to New Moon Solar Eclipse

Are you feeling the building eclipse energy? Today we have the Moon shifting into Pisces to ease us into the the last energy of the dark of the Moon before the New Moon Solar Eclipse begins a new cycle tomorrow. The New Moon tied with an eclipse is such a big energy to help us release and rebirth and renew ourselves. There is so much energy around spirit right now with the Moon, Mercury, Neptune, Ceres, the Sun, the South Node, and Chiron all holding space in Pisces, allowing the Divine energy of the universe to filter down into and through us, but the key is the in part. I heard a very pointed message as I sat down to do the horoscope… it was “If you’re not paying attention to your body and what its saying, then you’re not paying attention.” We look outside for oracle, for the signs, for messages, for the beauty and sensuality of life and are distracted by the world and insistence of society, but the BIG energy of Jupiter and the North Node holding the polarity point of all the Pisces energy, in Virgo, are reminding us that none of it matters if we are not present in and for it. Our body antenna is taking it all in, and processing the energy and letting you know what is REALLY going on through the signals that its sending you. This is your reminder to tune in. There is big energy around release as well and this isn’t about releasing that which is outside of yourself, but rather things long held in and carried… a release of fear, a release of not good enough, a release of holding back. I posted a passage via youtube video from one of my favorite books below that has been such a powerful release reminder for me… check it out… Besides building into the eclipse energy, we have the Moon meeting up with Venus and Mars today reminding us to balance our receptivity and activity. With all this energy swirling we may feel a strong desire to act, but until the shake energy moves you forward, hold space in the receptive state. The Moon will also meet with Mercury at 4 degrees, helping shift the effect of the mind energy. Listen, receive, be present and allow yourself to move as if the dance partner of the universe. The universe knows all the steps to this dance, and when you surrender, you will find that you do too. More in the horoscope video below… Namaste!

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I was called to share this passage from the book, The Magdalen by Bonnie Jones Reynolds as part of the release energy that is available to us in this eclipse…




take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3


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