March 8 2016 Energy of the Day NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE PISCES

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March 8 2016 Energy of the Day NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE PISCES

Horoscope March 8 2016 New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces

Today we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse at 18 degrees Pisces at 5:54 pm PST. Eclipse energy is potent energy for endings and new beginnings… This particular eclipse can connect into past eclipse energies from March 1997, September 2007, and September 2015. Think back through and notice any patterns through those times that may be coming into play with this eclipse. The 18 degrees energy is an awakener of passion. If we break down the numbers, 1 takes us into our heart energy and the part of us that wants to get up and go and get started from the energy propelling us from the heart. 8 is infinity but also a degree that reminds us to show up in the here and now. These degrees connect into a 9 which is Mars energy… passion in action. This degree can also show us frustration where we have yet to act in the passion energy… If that energy is coming up for you, notice it with compassion and take the powerful energies of the 1 and the 8 and see how you can shift and show up in a new way for yourself. This eclipse is also working with more than just the Sun and the Moon in Pisces. The energies of Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, Chiron, Pluto, Uranus and the North and South Nodes are also feeding into this energy. The North Node holding space in Jupiter directly opposite this eclipse is holding space for our physical selves that are receiving the healing energy of this eclipse. We are being called to embody the softer layers of ourselves that have been hidden. Uranus, still in conjunct Jupiter, is helping us liberate us from the energy that encouraged us to hide in the first place. Chiron in Pisces helps us heal and reconnect to the energy of Spirit, of the All that is, to the Universe and helps us recognize in this connection that everything in us… EVERYTHING is a piece of the divine. What shifts in how you show up when you recognize your divinity? There is so much energy that is reminding us TO show up. Show up in your softness, and in your vulnerability. The work in this energy is the presence, is the ability to be with what is and remembering that its ok. Do it for yourself, and then for the universal yourself. The aspects that lead up to the eclipse through the day are, Sun Opposite Jupiter, Moon Conjunct Neptune, Moon Square Saturn, Moon Sextile Pluto, Moon Opposite Neptune, New Moon Eclipse… All this energy is feeding into finishing this old cycle and rebirthing into the next. I also want to mention, that this eclipse is giving way to another eclipse with the Full Moon in 2 and a half weeks… so even as we are showing up today for this energy, its ongoing. Keep showing up and softening and melting into your flow, your vibration. More in the horoscope video below! Namaste!

Book a reading! This is a beautiful time for a shift! The energy astro reading is so powerful for that!


GPS: All about the eclipse and other shifts this week!


If you haven’t checked out the Magdalen video yet… I encourage you as part of your release process in this eclipse energy!


take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3

Eclipse in pisces

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