May 15 2017 Energy of the Day Mercury in Taurus

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May 15 2017 Energy of the Day Mercury in Taurus

Astrological Vibrations May 15 2017 Moon in Capricorn Sextile Neptune, Moon Square Jupiter, Moon Conjunct Pluto, Mercury into Taurus

Response ability for our consciousness is coming up today… and a reminder that where you at is perfect 😉 We have Mercury finishing at the final degree of Aries today bringing healing to I AM consciousness and an opportunity to connect to the seed of that I AM within you… and then taking that foundation and moving into Mercury in Taurus.. bringing our conscious awareness to the energy of our talents, prosperity, worth, and overall state of abundance. Supporting this consciousness is Moon in Capricorn bringing up the response ability energy… as the Moon connects to Neptune, Jupiter and Pluto, we will be working this energy… responding to the flow, noticing any resistance to self love, self worth we still may be holding onto, and then good ol faithful Pluto, bringing us the power to shift that resistance and set a new structure in place.

take a moment and dedicate it to your consciousness

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