May 19 2016 Energy of the Day Last Day of Sun in Taurus

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May 19 2016 Energy of the Day Last Day of Sun in Taurus

Horoscope May 19 2016 Last Day of Sun in Taurus

The astro for today has us finishing up the final degree of Sun in Taurus, the master degree of 29 (11) There is an emphasis on healing in the energy today between the 29 degree, a connection between Venus and Chiron and then also the Moon Trine Neptune at 11 degrees. This message isn’t one of needing healing so much, but recognizing that the wound isn’t bad, it doesn’t make you any less than. We are all always in a process of healing, whether it is a physical healing or a deeper unfolding. The journey itself is the healing and the healing is just a process, not who you are. The energy mantra, I am wholieness embodied, brings to light how to work with this healing energy. It just is, and you just are. (I have to say that I had a typo and it was you just art… and I think that is just as important) Allow yourself to be whole, holy, and show up, no matter what you may think of as imperfect or needing healing. There is potential for deep wounds that need healing to come to the surface today through this energy and the energy of Moon in Scorpio building to the full Moon. Show up and love the wounding as part of your unfolding path. There are sayings that Jesus was able to heal so beautifully because the focus was not the wound but the whole and holiness. Hold that space for yourself. More in the horoscope video below! Namaste!

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take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3


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