May 19 2017 Energy of the Day Last Full Day Sun in Taurus

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May 19 2017 Energy of the Day Last Full Day Sun in Taurus

Astrological Vibrations May 19 2017 Moon in Pisces Sextile Mercury, Mars Inconjunct Pluto, Venus Opposite Jupiter, Moon Conjunct Neptune, LAST FULL DAY SUN IN TAURUS

As we finish up Sun in Taurus (that was FAST!) we get to double down on the worth lessons with Venus Opposite Jupiter… a good lesson in worth is to notice where you put your harmony attention… Many of us put our attention to harmony in the world outside of us..and even work to cultivate it without… and while that may seem like a worthy cause, if you do not have harmony within, then any harmony you are seeking to create without will not truly lead to harmony. You must look within to support the outside. The Mars Pluto energy may also feed into any lesson we are having around this, as we shift the structure within to without… Mars in Gemini may want to wear the mask to keep the harmony.. it’s part of the chameleon nature, but again, it’s important to note are you attuning to your harmony. You are worth a feel good, pleasurable life!
The Moon in Pisces through this is encouraging the energy of flow… Pisces and Taurus today can bring on that lazy cat feel… but if you know a cat… you know the energies and worlds they are creating as they meditate… Allow your imagination to work with you through this flow.
One final note… notice the escape habit that may come up as we finish up… sometimes we use escape methods as pleasure… but more often it’s tuning out then tuning into pleasure… keep your dial set to pleasure..


take a moment and dedicate it to pleasure

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