May 20 2017 Energy of the Day SUN IN GEMINI

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May 20 2017 Energy of the Day SUN IN GEMINI

Astrological Vibrations May 20 2017 Moon in Pisces Sextile Pluto, Moon Square Mars, SUN INTO GEMINI 1:31 pm PT, Moon Square Saturn

It’s GEMINI TIME! The theme for this round of Gemini is conscious connection! Gemini is a mental and curious energy always ready to ask, “Who, What, Where, When, How, Why” and any other questions that lead from it… Let’s work on taking the curiosity and questions and instead of spinning mental webs, invite in consciousness and connection to help us understand.
I think Gemini is one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac… just today I saw a post saying that Gemini is the most hated sign… I think that stems from the other item I talk about with Gemini energy… the mutable chameleon energy that Gemini can bring… the masks… Gemini energy does long to connect… and has a natural tendency to match or to twin the energy that is there… this is in order to understand it and connect with it… What we all need to realize… because we all do have Gemini in our chart.. is that we can connect without putting on the mask… Gemini reminds us of the spirit of Fun and of play…. all the world’s a stage and you are the star of your life… no need to play understudy or anyone else. Use this energy of conscious connection to stand in the role of you… and make the connection from that place!
Moon in Pisces is amping up the mutable energy as we release some sense of karmic approval patterns. Every day in every way, we are breaking through the old paradigm!
Also… special bonus… I went through every sign and talked briefly about the lesson for that sign over this next month.. listen for your Sun and rising signs!!

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take a moment and dedicate it to conscious connection

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