May 21 2016 Energy of the Day FULL MOON SAGITTARIUS

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May 21 2016 Energy of the Day FULL MOON SAGITTARIUS

Horoscope May 21 2016 FULL MOON SAGITTARIUS Last Day Mercury Retrograde

Happy Full Moon! Today we have the Full Moon at 1 degrees Sagittarius reaching its peak at 2:14 pm PDT. The Full Moon is a powerful astrological aspect that moves to the surface that which needs to be felt, experienced and it has the power to deeply shift and transform you as the energy is revealed. This particular Full Moon is so interesting as it is the first of 2 full moons in Sagittarius this year… Although commonly the second Full moon is known as the blue moon, its actually this one. Either way you look at it, these bookend Sagittarius Full Moons are important and potent portals of energy opening us to the mysteries of the universe. This particular full Moon is very tied to the energy of the Feminine with connections to Vesta, Pallas, Lilith and Juno. Mars is also feeding into this energy as it conjuncts the Sun and opposes the Sun. Moon and Mars conjunct can be really interesting, especially with the Full Moon amplifying the feels that are coming through. Mars retrograde has us readjusting our desires and there can be a certain amount of frustration that we may be feeling as we work through this readjustment and the patience process that the universe has been enforcing! The reminder through this energy is to not shut down, or run from the feelings and emotions that are surfacing, but rather to open your heart to them. Although Mars energy connects us more to the lower chakra energy, there is a higher cord that connects that passion to our heart. The song from the universe for this moon is, Open Your Heart by Madonna. The Gemini energy will bring the mental energy to this alignment, but as we’ve already started working with the energy of perception and instead of judging the feelings that come up, open to them in yourself and see what it is they want to bring forward in you. We are all pandora’s box waiting to be opened (don’t get me started on that myth but let me assure you that the feminine, the darkness of the feminine contains a lot more than the “ills” that were released in that story) This energy is tuning us into ancient wisdom that has been buried… and we are finding that its buried in us. The asteroid Goddess energies feeding into this moon is a clue where to find it within. Vesta’s involvement is lit up by the Sun reminding you of your inner fire, your divinity and that the universe is asking you to show up and not repress that which is authentic to your fire, to your experience of you. Lilith echoes this energy and gives some backup power to hold space for any energy rushing through you. There is a very primal element tied to this full moon, let yourself howl, dance and experience what life rushing through you feels like. Rum reminds us that we have been, “walking in the surf holding our robes up, when we should be diving naked under, and deeper under.” This moon carries this potential through your willingness to feel and shift your perception of your feelings … More in the horoscope video below… Namaste!

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  1. I would like to know what my life has got in store for me . I am at crossroads .Thank you and blessings!

    • There are many readings you can choose from and we will look into your chart 🙂

  2. Thank you for your lovely videos!
    Awesome information!

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