May 24 2016 Energy of the Day VENUS IN GEMINI

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May 24 2016 Energy of the Day VENUS IN GEMINI

Horoscope May 24 2016 VENUS IN GEMINI

Today we have Venus shifting into Gemini at 2:44 am PDT. Venus in Gemini brings together the energy of love and the mind, sensuality and mentality. Venus in Gemini is the flirty sapiosexual! Through this transit, you can use your mind to appreciate and hone your mindfulness around beauty and sensuality. This is a flirty placement Venus, so have some fun and flirt it up. Connection for many of us happens through communication and fun, so lighten up and have some fun! Venus newly in Gemini will oppose Mars retrograde in Sagittarius today! Oppositions can be like a tug of war game… it can become the oppositional battle, or an energy of a playful unit. In this configuration, this energy is up for some shift being at 0 degrees, shifting the power energy from opposition to that of unity. The signs of Gemini and Sagittarius do have that curiosity and desire to know more. Meet those energies in that place. Get curious how desire and creation (masculine and feminine) work together and come together within you. That being said, even as we are coming together with this energy, we have the mutable cross/squares working through this week that may stretch us even as we are coming together. If you check out GPS, you’ll notice, these lessons this week really are asking us to step up on another level. Moon in Capricorn is echoing this mentality. Capricorn energy wants us to show up in our truth. Neptune at 11 degrees is helping by reminding us that we are never alone in stepping up. Spirit is with us…every step. More in the horoscope video below! Namaste!

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take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3

Venus in Gemini

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