May 25 2017 Energy of the Day NEW MOON GEMINI

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May 25 2017 Energy of the Day NEW MOON GEMINI

Astrological Vibrations May 25 2017 Moon into Gemini, Venus Conjunct Pallas Square Pluto, NEW MOON GEMINI 4 degrees at 12:44 pm PT

HAPPY NEW MOON ENERGY! This is a shake up, wake up, evolution, revelation New Moon in Gemini! Before the New Moon reaches its peak, we have a connection with Venus, Pluto and Pallas helping us with that revolution energy of knowing our worth. It is from that foundation within, of knowing ourselves, honoring ourselves and not willing to compromise our integrity or self worth that we can fully work with our consciousness. Consciousness is a working of inner alignment… To best authentically express ourselves, we need to work our way into that alignment. This is where Pallas energy feeds in so well… Pallas can attune us to the patriarchal vibe where we have been holding back from self… where we still base our self worth on what is outside of ourselves.. or what we have been told to be from society. This connection is helping us restructure and reminds it is an inside job… whatever you are facing in yourself, in your life… it is an inside job first and foremost.
This energy sets us up NICELY for the 4 degree revolution evolution energy of this New Moon. New Moon is divine time of connecting to the cosmos and planting seeds, setting intention and I believe Gemini New Moons are powerful because it does work so intrinsically with our consciousness.. That is why that powerful connection with Venus and Pluto and finding that alignment before setting those intentions is so powerful today. This New Moon is also set to bring some revolution revelation… it may be through your alignment that you are able to think bigger and to allow more into your intentional field.
The New Moon energy lasts over the next few days…so keep working into the alignment and into expanding your intentions through the revelations the universe offers you!

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take a moment and dedicate it to alignment!

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