May 27 2016 Energy of the Day MARS IN SCORPIO

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May 27 2016 Energy of the Day MARS IN SCORPIO

Horoscope May 27 2016 MARS IN SCORPIO

The astro for today has Mars retrograding back into Scorpio. Mars will be retrograding for the next month and will remain in Scorpio til August. Mars retrograde in Scorpio takes us in the baseboard energy of desire. Scorpio energy tunes us into power, transformation, rebirth and sexuality. Mars is action, aggression and passion. This combo has us asking ourselves what our motivation is. Motivations can range from security and power to love or balance. There is opportunity through this retrograde energy to realize that your true motivation is that of your soul. Let your motivation be and come from your soul. We have this time of retrograde to understand and utilize this soul energy. This energy may also tune you into what is blocking you from utilizing your soul energy. If you feel anger or impotence coming up through this transit, this is your key to dive into that energy and begin to access the passion underneath it. Many times, our anger is a secondary emotion because we feel powerless or unable to enable our passion. Interestingly, the Moon in Aquarius is helping us dive head first into this energy by reminding us that we can see through multiple perspectives. You may start with the perspective of yourself, your ego, but you have the power to tune into the perspective of the universe. If you don’t know how to move through your blocks, tune into the perspective of the universe to help you move through. This retrograde is ideal for allowing this energy to transmute and alchemize. More in the horoscope video below… Namaste!

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take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3

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