Maya KahNah

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Maya KahNah

Maya is on a mission to help everyday people achieve true love. 

Maya owns and operates Maya’s BrightStar Creations. As a five-star rated psychic, she has completed almost 2,000 readings for clients all over the world.

Maya also administers Twin Flames Eternal (an online group of nearly 20,000 twin flames) and curates two YouTube channels, “MayaAndZyaire Twin Flames” – a collaborative channel with her twin flame Zyaire- and “Maya’s Dream Series” – a channel devoted to helping empower individuals who are on the path to divine union with their one true love.

In addition, Maya offers regular readings and workshops at Coyote Wisdom Bookstore in Lansing, Michigan and participates in events as a member of Intuitive’s Interactive in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Maya has a passion for helping to reunite soul mates and twin flames. If Maya can be of service to you, please reach out to her by emailing

Maya’s BrightStar Creations

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