Mercury in Sagittarius November 5 2017

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Mercury in Sagittarius November 5 2017

Astrological Vibrations November 5 2017 Moon in Taurus Opposite Mercury, Moon into Gemini, MERCURY into SAGITTARIUS, Moon Trine Mars, Moon Opposite Lilith, Moon Square Neptune

Today we have Mercury finishing up in Scorpio and shifting into Sagittarius… you might want to reflect back on yesterday’s message for the first part of the day before the shift as I definitely focused more on the Mercury in Sagittarius energy… but as we know.. an energy at the final degree can pack a punch! Watch that Scorpion tail! Before the shift, Mercury and the Moon will connect in Scorpio and Taurus respectively… this could drive something unseen to the surface, to the physical. I believe that Mercury in Sagittarius will show you how to approach it, perspective it, alchemize and shift it!

Mercury in Sagittarius! This is going to be a SUPER long Mercury transit… in fact! This transit WILL take us into 2018 due to a retrograde. This is important as we finish up Saturn in Sagittarius over the next 2 months as well. Sagittarius is the sign of the optimist and the archer… Sagittarius is also the huntress of truth… As Jupiter continues to progress through Scorpio, power plays, manipulations and other shadow energies will continue to be exposed and brought to the light. We will continue to witness this.. and this energy can feel heavy, and discouraging. Mercury in Sagittarius reminds us that there is truth beyond it. Truth in the beauty and goodness and love in the world. Find a champion and let it help you continue to ascend and rise in your OWN goodness and on your path even as these lurking shadows continue to come up. It is always up to you what you focus on.. and I am definitely not saying avoid seeing what is going on.. but don’t avoid the goodness. It is a VERY important balance.. and DO realize that is it a collective vibration that shifts the world. What kind of shift in vibration are you offering the world? Offer it the love that you CAN provide. It does make a difference. Now.. this process will be up and down through this long transit.. and may be interesting once Mercury goes retrograde in December… but start aiming now.. Target practice has begun and I believe you can hit that mark!

Moon into Gemini today! Well this moon is feeling strong and that means we will be feeling our thoughts strong… Today IS an interesting day for that as it is a Evolution Revolution energy day… Those triggers could feel a bit more pokey today than usual. Notice what and how and where your mind goes with anything that comes up for you.. Get passionately curious about the workings of your mind.. This could be part of a powerful shift for you! You do have the power and the perspective to tune anything into your evolution process. Lilith and Mars will connect with the Moon… talk about some yin yang power… Walk your talk.. but don’t be upset and offended when others have to walk their OWN talk.. not your talk path 😉 Neptune reminds us of the same lesson… Many paths to the all that is.. many lessons and detours on that path. Get passionately connected and involved with your process… That’s what’s important!

Also just to note.. between Moon and Mercury shifting.. today could be a technology wonky day.. could feed into the revolution evolution triggers.. it’s ok! it will pass! Again… you can use this energy to get better and better 😉 You HAVE that power!

take a moment and dedicate it to your champion!

art: Love Painting – Take Aim At Love by Ira Mitchell-Kirk


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