New Moon in Leo July 23 2017

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New Moon in Leo July 23 2017

Astrological Vibrations July 23 2017 Moon into Leo, NEW MOON LEO 2:46 am Pacific time 0 degrees, Moon Conjunct Mars

HAPPY NEW MOON DAY! The New Moon happens at 2:46 am pacific time at 0 degrees in Leo! This is the first of 2 new moons and is preparation or a catalyst for a Lunar and Solar Eclipse happening with the next 2 moon cycles! This new moon has an extra oomph with it as it is conjunct (almost) with Mars in Leo at 1 degree! One of the reasons the New Moon is a beautiful time for intention or manifestation work is because of the alignment with the Sun and the Moon… Mars coming in, adding passion and energy to this divine union just enhances the powerful energy being reflected through us in the universe.
0 degree energy is the energy of transformation and brings to light the cycle of endings and new beginnings. Every new moon begins a new cycle and this to me is the beginning of a cycle where we follow the joy and allow it to lead us into greater expression of love. Mars invites us to tune into our passion with this energy.. Now it’s always possible with Mars to get ignited in anger or impatience or frustration, but many times that energy comes when there is a feeling you can’t connect to your passion. Connect to your joy, connect to your passion.. trust the steps that need to be taken to bring you to that fulfillment. This will allow us to settle into alignment with the soul path we have already set into play before we came to earth 
The energy mantra for this powerful New Moon is, “I am catalyzed by joy.” Let that be what ignites your flame and moves you onward into this powerful month of leo!
There is also a strong suggestion of Shakti energy coming through the sabian symbol and one of the cards I pulled for this energy. This is a powerful part of tuning into your desire, your passion, your soul purpose. Connect that shakti energy, to your joy. This will be huge in taking you into your next step.
With Leo, one of the pitfalls can be the ego.. Leo has the power to tune into the truest essence of love, but ego that wants to protect us, can sometimes hinder this process. Notice what process is dominating you as you move forward!
Finally! Mercury is finishing up in leo.. preparing to move into the shadow period before retrograde… but Mercury is almost right at the degree we will have the next new moon Solar eclipse at on August 21… there may be some downloads coming in with this new moon to prepare you for that shift in August… Listen with your heart.. ground in from the solar plexus down… and let your shakti rise.. it sounds like a lot, but it is all natural process, when we allow it 

take a moment and dedicate it to JOY



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