New Moon in Sagittarius December 11th

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New Moon in Sagittarius

It’s a new moon in Sagittarius on December 11th and we will be feeling this energy leading up to the 11th and through the weekend.

Let love take the lead.

In Sagittarius’ realm anything can happen and all is possible. So it’s a chance to amp up our beliefs and upgrade our operating systems. Maybe for years you thought you just can’t make a 6 figure income. Well guess what, that limiting thought is a virus in the computer system that is your mind. Now is the time to get that anti virus software running and reclaim what you are rightfully worthy of!

How and where do we get this anti virus gear? Simply by centering in the warm love of our heart space. Take a breath in and feel your heart pumping and lungs filling with oxygen. Fall in love with the process of a deep breath. Melt into it. Let everything fade away and just feel the miraculousness of being alive.

Simplicity is profound.

Often times our minds want to figure out exactly what we want and how we want it. The energy of this new moon is bigger than our minds and in order to harness it’s highest potential let’s get out of our own ways.

What have you always wanted? It’s possible. What have you always wanted to be? You can be it! Most importantly though, don’t over think it. Place your order at the Universe’s restaurant counter and patiently wait to be served.

The waiting period is the funnest part. Sagittarius is a fire sign so invite that sacred fire into your life. Sit beside a fire. Connect to the fire in your hearts.

During new moon’s what we feel is our message to the Universe. Feel happy, content, warm, passionate, creative or anything you want! Get to the root feeling of your intention and become one with it. Bless the mind but know this is not exactly the time to struggle to create a plan. Instead let the plan show itself to you in divine time.

This new moon let’s all remember EWOP; everything is working out perfectly!

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Photo taken by Christie Hugman in Kincardine Ontario

Photo taken by Christie Hugman in Kincardine Ontario



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