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Horoscope New Moon Sagittarius December 17 2017

This new Moon in Sagittarius is ushering 2018 and giving us proper set up to set intentions for the first 6 months of 2018 and the brave new world paradigm that I believe will be coming with the planetary shifts in 2018!

Before we reach the new moon energy, we have the Moon in Sagittarius doing some dark moon work and connecting with other energies. The Moon starting with a connection to Mercury – you may get some important information/messages in your dreams! If you are a dreamer, pay attention! Information of course can come in many other ways so be sure you are listening!

The Moon will then connect to Venus. Expanding in your self love process – Do something nice for yourself. This happens about 12 hours before the new moon, so this will be a great foundational practice to bring into your brave new world. Nurture yourself, love on yourself… you deserve it!

The Moon then connects to Uranus, Pallas and Chiron! Whew! This is a power packed connection! Uranus and Pallas in Aries is helping us shift and release old patriarchal energies we are still holding onto that hold us back from fully embracing who we are, and flying that “freak flag.” The thing is… I see this is true over and over again. We are all unique and have our own vibrational imprint that we give off and feed into the collective.. but if we all got together and talked about the things that we carry as shame, or make us feel like a “freak” (if using it in a negative connotation which some do).. we would find out that many of us have similar shadows, similar shames that we carry around… and similar desires and talents that could be part of the freak flag. You are here to be you.. and lil by lil…we are breaking through the conditionings that have kept us from that. Uranus connecting to this dark moon, helps us release these energies and get in touch with distortions that are keeping us from fully stepping into the power of being. Chiron in this connection brings healing. Many of these situations do have karmic and old world ties… Learn the lesson and click undo!

Finally, before the New Moon, we also have a Quintile between Neptune and Saturn… This isn’t an aspect I talk about often… but it bears mentioning because Neptune is at 11 and Saturn 29.. the master degrees… Much of what I am talking about in this astro, will require you to show up in faith for your creating process… These are master level lessons and this is a pat on the back reminding you that you can do it!

NEW MOON SAGITTARIUS 26 degrees, 10:30 pm pacific time! This is where the freak flag energy came from: The sabian symbol for 26 Sagittarius is: “A flag bearer in battle.”

I think often life feels like a battle.. and I think our “souler” energy has been fighting society on so many levels so that you can fly your flag and stand in your true authentic self energy. This is a call.. with Saturn finishing up in Sagittarius and this new moon setting the stage for the next 6 months, to show up in your truth. To believe in yourself and fly that flag. In the scope I talk of a card I have seen that talks about flying your flag and singing the praise of you… The universe wants us to fly that flag and DOES sing our praises. The universe knows what we so often forget – and that is we ARE beautiful divine creatures of light – and it is time to let that light shine. That light shines when you stand in your truth!

Now of course.. there is always more healing to do.. distortions to cut through… but now is the time.. Up your level!


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