New Moon Solar Eclipse Aquarius February 15 2018

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New Moon Solar Eclipse Aquarius February 15 2018

Are you ready for the eclipse corridor to end?? Here we are, at the precipice of the second eclipse – a partial solar eclipse in Aquarius. This eclipse energy has been building the electrical and mental energies and tomorrow is definitely the peak. What we have to remember is balance in this! 
The message for this eclipse is, you must sink to rise! This is echoed in the sabian symbol for this eclipse: “An Ancient Pottery Bowl Filled With Violets”

What comes to mind for me with that symbol is the bowl representing the pelvic bowl and the violets representing the color of upper chakras sinking in to meet the wisdom and creativity power contained in the pelvic bowl. This matches so well with the overall message to sink in, in order to rise.

The other thing we need to remember is that eclipses do come in a pair… the other eclipse was in Leo and the lessons from that eclipse still stand. Falling into love within the self, in order to rise in love is necessary for the world at this time.

Now this may be a challenge… I believe an important part of this process has been the mental energies and fears that have come up over these last 2 weeks… This is your personal process of rising into your power and regaining your own authority by regaining your influence over your personal vibration!

Eclipses are such a powerful time for release and transformation… not to mention, the new moon energy brings along the potential for beautiful intention and manifestation work! Align and rise!!

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take a moment and dedicate it to love <3


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