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Astrological Vibrations September 19 2017 NEW MOON VIRGO 27 degrees, 10:30 pm pacific time
Sun opposite Chiron, Moon Trine Pluto, Moon Square Saturn, Venus into Virgo, Mercury Opposite Neptune, New Moon Virgo

There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. – Martha Graham
This new moon is potent for aligning our reality with our soul, with the life force quickening within that wants you to burn brighter still! This new moon at 27 degrees is aligning us with our higher passion and this is an important part of our wholeness and holiness. Passion and desires are usually dismissed at unnecessary, not practical.. but they are there for a reason.. What would happen if we started approaching our passion and desire as something holy. “Be impeccable with your desire.” – Danielle LaPorte
This is an opportunity for just that! The sabian symbol for this energy brings to light how tradition can influence and ground us. I think this is a good opportunity to look at tradition and patterns in your life.. What traditions and patterns serve? What ones don’t? There is powerful release going on at this same time that we are bringing in new energy with this new moon. This may be a good time to shift the traditions you keep to align further with your dreams!
This is also a potent time to align more with your dreams than with your mental fears. Instead address the fears with healing love. Venus is finishing up in Leo so the love is rampant and able to show up for these areas that need healing. For Venus into Virgo, this is a chance to align our pleasure sensors with being of service, and even deeper,.. realizing that you being in your wholeness… is a pleasurable service that you offer to the world. It is enough to be! Dedicate yourself to the process of your being! Your SOUL being!
The other transits are helping and aiding in this shift… Mercury and Neptune offer some magic to this energy, bringing back some remeberance and potency of the Full Moon in Pisces 2 weeks ago.. what magic did you feel and call in then.. It was a powerful shedding time for me… so this may be a completion of that particular shedding! Let it go! There is so much possibility and newness on its way in!
Moon connecting to Saturn and Pluto help you realize the truth of the matter.. the truth that you matter 😉 and let that cement you in that level of strength! This is SUPER powerful energy… your job. Show up. Fully!

Artwork by Jeffrey Smith

take a moment and dedicate it to your soul showing up fully

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