November 13 2015 Energy of the Day

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Horoscope November 13 2015

Happy Friday the 13th! The astro today has us adjusting to the shift energy that happened yesterday. Funny enough, Mars shifted while I was in a reading, and then I just felt like I had to take a nap. That energy may still be hanging around a bit today as Mars is still at 0 degrees adjusting to Libra energy! The Moon in Sagittarius is continuing to encourage open minds and open possibilities. The universe brings teaching/learning moments in everything that comes, so be open to see what your lessons are. A big lesson today comes through a connection between Venus and Saturn. Saturn is helping you open to your response-ability to the relationship that you have with yourself. Some of these teaching moments may come today through what you see in other people’s relationships with themselves, but it always points back to something that you can do for you and a way that you can commit to yourself! Mercury and Jupiter take this commitment to a physical level and work in you formation with Uranus still reminding us too that this work is ultimately enhancing our I AM vibration which is directly connected to the soul work we are here to do! More in the horoscope video below! Namaste!

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GPS: Technology made it interesting so you get it patched together in 3 parts… but there is some great info in there!


take a moment and dedicate it to peace <3

Friday the 13th

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