November 27 2017 Energy of the Day Mercury Conjunct Saturn

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November 27 2017 Energy of the Day Mercury Conjunct Saturn

Astrological Vibrations November 27 2017 Venus Inconjunct Uranus, Moon in Pisces Sextile Pluto, Mercury Conjunct Saturn, Moon Conjunct Chiron

Mercury Conjunct Saturn! This is a very interesting energy connection. Mercury is known for mental ability and a sort of quickness. Saturn is not known for being “quick.” Saturn has a reserved heaviness of energy. This energy combo I feel is a bit on the Saturn edge with the major lesson being, “listen.” That is the other half of communication that is sometimes forgotten with Mercury energy.. the ability to listen. The heaviness of Saturn in Sagittarius is pulling us down into our core, into our existence in order to listen. This is a definite truth transit. From that place, you will be directed to your next steps, but the importance in this energy is that deep connection within, listening to the truth from it. There is also guidance available to you that will come from the silence of self that you drop into… Listen..

Venus inconjunct Uranus may give you some of what comes up when you listen. Uranus is busy liberating us from the layers that do not resonate with the I am.. some of these may be latent worth things that we’ve been carrying around. Take your power back from those thoughts and feelings that are not true to the divine in you.

Moon in Pisces helps with all these processes by tuning us into our intuition and inner guidance (and our guides) Moon in Pisces takes the power back with that connection to Pluto.. where is your foundation? How are you showing up for this process? Moon Conjunct Chiron brings healing.. known or unknown to the things that have been hindering your process

The overall feel is slow.. moving towards success.. you are on the path, but take your time. Do it right … according to your inner guidance..

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take a moment and drop into your inner guidance

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