Sara Wildish (Saraphic Seer)

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Sara Wildish (Saraphic Seer)

A Person who resonates with working with me KNOWS there is more out there. You FEEL that your edges haven’t even BEGUN to be explored. You have done some major life work here on earth and know that while it may be your HOME or even your place of residence for a while, it is not your origin. You are looking to connect to the bigger picture and trust and believe that the Universe is a huge infinite space of possibilities.

Think of me like a vast riverbed and Source Love as the water that flows through. The beginning of the river starts in some distant part of the Universe perhaps even in another dimension, and I as riverbed connect to those who need to drink the water, know their truth, here on earth.

But I am not a static riverbed and above all, once I make the initial connection with you, I MOVE out of the way so your connection to your galactica remains.

I translate what I hear into what you can hear… My repeated phrase – “If They say it, I say it.”

Are you ready for that?

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