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Once you purchase a reading, Mimi will email you within 24-48 hours, however you can always email her at with any questions or to help the process along.

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Natal Chart Reading

This covers your whole chart in depth including all your planetary placements, asteroids, and eclipse patterns. A great reading to dive into the heart of you! Looking into the birth chart shows your talents, gifts, challenges, tendencies, karma, etc. It is a road map through your life. Many personal questions can be answered through the birth chart! Its an awesome tool of self knowledge! This reading also covers current planetary lessons you may be going through.


Timed Readings

These readings are perfect to answer all kinds of questions. Cards and Astrology are both part of this reading! Email if you have questions about which would be the best for you

Reading Options

Reading Packages

If you would like to work with me regularly, this is the way to go as the prices are reduced from individual readings!

Reading Packages

Personal GPS Reading with Mimi and Nicole

Get your personal GPS with Mimi and Nicole Tarot and Astrology combined! $200

Astrological Relationship Synergy Reading

This reading is great for any kind of relationship, whether it is mother/daughter, business partnerships, romantic relationships, friendships, etc. Sometimes there are complicated energies or karma between us as people and to come to understand how the planets are interacting in each other’s chart as well as the combined chart energy, can really help any relationship overcome obstacles and create better understand and harmony between the people involved. $222

Goddess Asteroid/Lilith Reading

In this reading, we dive in deep to all the lessons shown to us in the major Asteroids in the birth chart and some planets. (including Venus, Vesta, Pallas, Ceres, Juno, Lilith and more) Everyone, male and female, has within them the Goddess archetype. This reading also covers all the various Lilith placement and aspects to help bring forth the energy of the primal feminine within. These are strong energies in your chart and helps you utilize them for creative and healing and total embodiment in your own being. $99

Past Life Astrology Reading

The birth chart contains so much information and can show us past life karma and lessons that we have brought into this life. This reading is so helpful if there are areas in your life that you are struggling with and can’t seem to let go or figure out. I have also found that many times when we have these puzzle pieces in our life that don’t seem to fit in with the rest of the story, looking into past life influence can shed light and show how these things fit. $88

Saturn Return Reading

From ages 27-31, we all go through our first Saturn Return. This is a great time of learning and self-discovery, as well as a time where we are really tested and shown the Karma we have gathered through our first 30 years. To being doing your spiritual work and have awareness of the Saturn Return can make a hard time flow a lot easier. (You also go through Saturn Return in your late 50’s and then again in your late 80’s.. every 30 years as Saturn Returns to the place in the sky that it was when you were born). Saturn also rules the energy of purpose, and so working with this energy can help you hone your purpose focus. This is coming into spiritual adulthood and in the later returns, levels of mastery. $44

Birth Chart Painting

This painting is channeled all the way! It represents your energy and the energy brought forward by your individual chart. You can see by the examples below, each is very different depending on your energy! This painting includes a $20 minute reading and explanation with your painting! $333

Reading and Healing Session

This combines an astrology reading with a healing session… The healing may be one of many techniques learned and utilized over the years and will be whatever best suits your current experience. $88

Quick Question

This reading is done via email, and is perfect if you have a quick question that can be addressed with your astro and cards! Email your question after purchasing with as much detail as you can share and you will receive a response within 24-48 hours. $20

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