Shannon Hugman

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Shannon Hugman


The Goddess within me honours the Goddess within you! I am overjoyed you have found Gaia Blooming. Whether you have realized it or not, Mother Earth is transforming; it is our intention to facilitate this process, to shine light on how truly extraordinary these times are and to encourage and inspire all human beings to bloom with our dear Mama; Gaia.


Within each of us lays an incredibly powerful energy being awakened now.

It is yearning to express itself through and as you. Shakti power is ready to blossom and ignite the planet with itโ€™s passionate love. My name is Shannon Hugman and I have come to the planet right now to free my inner Goddess. I believe it is part of my dharma to teach others how to take back their power and awaken the divine feminine within.

I am a healer; I am here now to heal Gaia, to heal myself and to help you heal yourself.

I am a mystical goat (Capricorn Sun, Pisces Rising and Scorpio Moon). I am here to ground magic into reality. I adore helping people set intentions and create a plan to help them achieve all they desire; however I know that it is essential to turn everything over to the divine allowing her magic to penetrate and support our manifestations.

I am a Reiki practitioner also trained in distance Reiki.

I am an astrologer.

I am a numerologist.

I am a member of the Family of Light.

I AM here to help you bloom!

To check out my services, click here ๐Ÿ™‚


I am a teacher and love inspiring others; I realize that you have everything you need to create a lush life. I am merely a mirror reflecting back to you your true potential. I adore working with spiritual truths and debunking limiting beliefs which we have come to mistake as truth. One of my favourite myths to debunk are those surrounding death. I now see death as the ultimate transformation; it is something beautiful which deserves celebration and joy! I realize this is contrary to popular belief however in my own life I have experienced its truth. I now feel it is my responsibility to help anyone grieving the loss of a loved one.

I am here to bring a new dawn to the planet. I am here to unite the divine feminine and masculine so that we can collectively live a life of peace, harmony, laughter and love.

It would bring me so much joy to hear from you; I LOVE new friends! Contact me here, shoot me an email at or find me on Facebook

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