Shifting the Control Paradigm on Twin Flame Journey

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Shifting the Control Paradigm on Twin Flame Journey

Watching (rewatching) Maya’s video tonight about releasing control. (posted at the bottom) Here’s a secret about me… I, personally have my Mercury in Scorpio… Planet of mental acuity meets Scorpio, a sign that can represent power and control(among other things).. I try to control with my mind… by out-thinking what is going on in the universe, or in this union process. As we move through interesting astrological conditions (read multiple planets in Pisces increasing flow, releasing any sense of control plus the current astro of Cardinal t-square encouraging the illusion of control on increase)

Going back into the theme of TRUST in this energy… Like I posted in an earlier blog, it is of the utmost importance in this energy. Recognize where you are not in trust with your twin, where you are not in trust with yourself, and therefore where you are not in trust with the universe.

Out-thinking the universe, trying to figure out what is happening next, what your twin is doing, when your twin is coming, anything basically outside of yourself, is showing you where you are still holding onto the illusion of control. I say this because even if you do know, there really isn’t anything you can do to control your twin. I say this because often with this knowledge, you throw your vibration so completely out of control that your ego seizes control, and suddenly you are spiraling out of control with your actions and therefore in a vibrational spiral.

What you can control… is pointing this energy right back at yourself… (this is always the highest advice in twin flame energy…and really in any interaction…coming back into the self) and diving into the work you need to do on you… including monitoring and working on shifting your vibration. You are the the twin… your twin is you… It is enough to work on you… it is enough to focus on yourself! It is enough to get happy here and now how and where you are and releasing any pressure about what is going on with the other. I know! I know! We’re curious! We want to know.. I get it… But I’m telling ya… true happiness lies in letting that go and concentrating on your path. Get in the flow… and watch the magic unfold… but don’t get in the flow for the magic of union to flow.. do it because you LOVE yourself so much… you just can’t resist the vivacious juicy flow of being you! Check out this video from my friend Maya… She knows this process! She’ll help you get back into that high vibe state!





  1. “Shifting the Control Paradigm on Twin Flame Journey”

    All of your posts of recent are so on point and synchronistic! Thank you!!

    • I’m glad they are supporting you! 🙂

  2. Your writing here is FANTASTIC and as many would say – they speak right to my soul. I needed to read this to realize just how negatively i was behaving toward my own self and my life which wants to be Free! Thank you so much!
    4:44! and Maya is amazing too wow!

    • And my twin is a Scorpio too – Very scorpio! It literally looked to me like she made elaborate plans that were seemingly – ‘godly – totally with God/the universe – I unfortunately did not live up to expectations within those plans it seems or things would go wrong – but it just shows how we have to let go more 🙂 BLessings.

      • are you not living up to her expectations or to your expectations in this situation?
        and thank you for the compliments.. I’m being led through this!!

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