Shiva Shakti Tat Twam Asi

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Shiva Shakti Tat Twam Asi

Ancient Creation Myth as told in the book, “Aphrodite’s Daughters” by Jalaja Bonheim



In the beginning was the One, and It was infinite in all directions, neither male or female. But It was alone, and loneliness is not good for the soul. Alone, the divine being yearned to love and be loved, to know and being known, to touch and be touched. And so It split Itself in two. One half was male and the other female. The male half we call Shiva – pure, formless, unmoving spirit. The female half we call Shakti, our mother, who is matter and energy and form. Shiva and Shakti have always been one and will always be one, but to our eyes, they appear as two.


The minute those two caught sight of each other, they fell in love, and had no greater desire than to reunite. Always, we desire the opposite of what we have. This is how things are, even with the gods. The one wanted to become two, and the two wanted to return to their former oneness. Shiva desired Shakti, and she desired him. And so, they made love, and the goddess gave birth. She gave birth to the sun, moon, and stars, to animals and plants, and also to people like you and me. And because we are children of these lovers, we too yearn for sacred union. “Tat twam asi,” say the scriptures – “you are That.” You are that divine light playing with itself, always creating, always molding, always seeking shape and form and expression. Therefore, you see, we must honor desire. Without desire there is no creation.


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