The Signs and Synchronicity that Led Me to My Twin Flame

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The Signs and Synchronicity that Led Me to My Twin Flame

I met my twin in April of 2016… but like I mentioned in prior posts (like this one!!), I’ve been on this journey a lot longer than I realized.

The universe knows me quite well 😉 and knows how I appreciate signs and guidance. As I look back over this journey so far I can see how supported I have been on this path.

I didn’t fully realize, even though I had been told and shown many times, that I was actually on a twin journey until about September of 2016 and even then I still fought it, but way before that, the universe was sending me signs to show me… this was happening.

The first thing that I recognize as the universe trying to prepare me was during my birthday card reading that I did for myself… November 2015. I do a reading on my birthday every year, various cards with month to month focus and then a full year overview. In the overview, I pulled the twin flame card… and I really didn’t think anything of it until somewhere in the middle of the throes of my Soul Shock experience that I looked back into my reading, saw it and instantly burst into tears and texted a friend.. who then cried with me… By the way…. the whole yearly reading SO deeply matched my experience… I had NO idea when I was pulling those cards what I was in for! I also know the other cards for my overview… especially surrender, were DEFINITELY trying to help me understand this path!


The next significant energy began in my friend Niki’s Artist’s Way class… I had taken her class before and it always inspired me to paint… and so without a clear vision, I began to paint. I had had this canvas for a long time as it had been a gift from a friend… and I just didn’t know what to paint on it. The first day of this class in 2016, I began as guided…with nothingness – a space for creation of the infinite.

Here is the process…


the portal for dreams to come through… notice in the tags… acceptance… Wow was the universe preparing me! LOL …what is coming in???? lol What an innocent question 🙂 (twin blogs about acceptance here and here)


Now I remember at this stage of the painting…. I hadn’t even met my twin yet but I was casually talking, flirting, dating… and I went to a Danielle LaPorte talk and out of everything she said… one thing in particular stood out to me. She said, “Be impeccable with your desire.” This ended up being so important on my path… There were many… could be’s… people who intrigued, interested, stirred me a bit… but there was a deeper knowing within that was like… No, not this… This isn’t it… Not yet.. Keep allowing your process… be impeccable with your desire… Words to live by. Words to love by.

Divine connection… I love that I was using these terms, led to use those terms but really having no real context for them… It just felt like something so deep, and so special, so connected coming in. I really had no idea what it meant… This was my last post before I posted the completion.. I had not yet added the Sun and the Moon… but the essence of it was complete. Divine union.


Now before I post the completed painting, I want to mention another synchronicity that I know helped me onto this path. Obviously it was coming and making itself known… but I still was just dancing through my life unaware!

Somewhere near the beginning of the year, I had seen a post by a friend about Maya KahNah and her amazing relationship readings.  At the time I was like, well I don’t have a relationship… I don’t need a reading but I am curious about her. I am surrounded by wonderful psychic and intuitive people, and it’s rare that someone stands out to me, but something about Maya drew me in and made me curious. I looked at her site and her blogs. I casually wrote down an affirmation that she had posted, and set it next to my computer where I would glance at it occasionally, but never really thought too much of it, until I needed a reading with her at the end of the summer. That affirmation:

I look back and am amazed at how all the puzzle pieces were falling into place. I was a cooperative component because, I was too busy over analyzing every step that took me into this. That’s an important part to remember now, to keep up with the la la la spirit and enjoy myself, honoring the flow of me and the flow of the universe through me.

The final painting, finished a lil before, but posted on April 29, 2016… I had met him… and I was definitely feeling all kinds of things, but not yet understanding what this path was. I just knew, that I hadn’t before experienced anything like I was experiencing…. Tat Twam Asi… Thou Art That – Shiva Shakti – One – Union


I can see from this, the universe did not just throw me into the deep end or off a cliff although it felt like it sometimes. There are other helpers, synchornicities that came in and continue to come in on this path… I can see from this, from the things that happened beyond this, the elements that I don’t even know about that lined up to bring this in, I am so supported. WE are so supported on this path. Our work is to be true to ourselves. Be a cooperative component. Stop fighting the lessons. Trust the process. Trust your twin’s process. It’s all unfolding, divinely. You are supported. The universe, knows what it’s doing.




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