SOLAR ECIPSE PISCES Mars Conjunct Uranus February 26 2017 Energy of the Day

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SOLAR ECIPSE PISCES Mars Conjunct Uranus February 26 2017 Energy of the Day

Horoscope February 26 2017 SOLAR ECLIPSE PISCES

Astrological Vibrations February 26 2017 SOLAR ECLIPSE NEW MOON PISCES 8 degrees 6:58 am PST), Moon Conjunct Neptune 11 degrees, Mars Conjunct Uranus 22 degrees Opposite Jupiter 22 degrees

Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse!!! This eclipse adds an extra OOMPH to the energy of the new moon, remember that oomph as you move through this energy and plant your seeds of creation! This eclipse is finishing up a pattern of eclipses in the Virgo/Pisces polarities starting in March of 2015. This is a good time to look back and see what has shifted around your views of heaven and earth since then 😉 This eclipse also is balancing an eclipse we had at 9 degrees in Virgo back in September. There is a theme through these eclipses of releasing the past and old karma (as the Moon connects with the South Node and Neptune in Pisces) and the release, liberation of the potential of heaven on earth with Mars Conjunct Uranus happening today. Overall, I feel that the energy you are going to be feeling more extremely is this Mars Uranus Conjunction Opposite Jupiter. Mars ignites passion, Uranus is the evolution revolution of personal liberation.. The liberation and mastery of your soul passion! This is how we bring heaven on earth, by releasing ourselves from the shoulds of the past, and feeling the flow of the soul in divine union with your personal purpose, your personal soul passion! Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac, the completion, Aries, is a new beginning… So we have a beautiful balance of completing these karmic ties, releasing that which has been holding back and entering into a bright future. We are reminded that with everything we do, say, feel, etc on this planet, we are creating! What kind of heaven on earth are you liberating and creating through your soul passion?
I also want to mention that there can be a tendency to want to over analyze these eclipse energies and what they mean… you can’t completely know with Pisces… we have 7 energies in Pisces right now… Knowing is not the object… but surrendering, flowing, being in the magic… that’s the point of this energy. Let your body guide you, and let your mind rest and flow with your personal energy and your soul energy.
The Mars Uranus energy could feel a bit explosive… especially if you are not honoring your soul, those inner volcanos may rise… Energy needs an outlet. If that energy is rising in you, figure out how you can offer your soul joy at this time. Balance, mastery, heaven and earth are all themes as we emerge through this energy.. be in your flow, be in your soul energy, and see what emerges as you allow these eclipse downloads to unfold, petal by petal like a lotus. <3

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