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Astrological Vibrations August 21 2017 Moon in Leo Trine Uranus, NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE LEO 11:26 am pacific time, Moon into Virgo

Well here we are! At the precipice of this New Moon Total Solar Eclipse. I’ve been talking about the building of this energy for the last month or so in the scopes… It’s so powerful and the lessons being brought to us so appropriate for the state of the world right now. The peak of the eclipse will happen at 11:26 am pacific time connecting with the peak of the new moon at 11:30 am. Eclipses bring change, transformation, and downloads of energy to be processed. Leo is the sign of the heart, the inner child, creativity and the expression of it… love. And that (not the hokey pokey!) is actually what it’s all about. I was awoken this morning by insistent messages of love from the universe. There was a feeling of beings touching my heart, saying over and over again… “this is important, this is important.” This TOTAL eclipse is an opportunity to focus attention and energy on the totality of the heart. The importance of the heart. The true and earnest energy of the heart. I heard someone (maybe Rumi) whispering, “You are the heart of the heart of the universe and your name is love.” Your heart beat is matching a rhythm of life in and of the universe… and yet, so often, it is the heart that is put on the shelf. Like I have been saying the last few days, the time of half hearted living is over. Now I don’t necessarily think that the eclipse will come and we will all suddenly be living whole-hearted lives.. but I do believe this eclipse is asking us to start that focus.. Tune into that feeling, make it a point to keep coming back to your heart. Realize that every heart beat that is offered to this world, can be an expression of your love. What you need most in you life, is love. What the world needs most from each and every one of us, is love. New Moons are a beautiful time for setting intention… what if this became your intention for the next month, 6 months, year, etc?
What I love about this eclipse is that it is aligned with Uranus! Uranus in Aries is helping us get to the heart of who we are. Who we are, at heart, is love. Uranus is helping shift and sort away, liberate us, from all that is not love. With eclipse energy, we are given vision of the shadows that keep us from the totality of being. Bring this love to the shadows with gratitude. Things don’t go away by being hidden… they are transmuted and alchemized and shifted into the original form of the universe… which is love.
You are love… Aham Prema – one of my favorite mantas meaning, I am divine love. This is what is being remembered through this energy. This return to wholeness, holiness of the heart is important.
After the eclipse, the Sun will shift to 29 degrees, the final degree of Sun in Leo… a time to hold space for the lessons of Leo. The lessons of tuning into our joy to return to love. The moon will also shift into Virgo, which will prepare us for the Sun entering Virgo on Tuesday. To get into the wholeness, the holiness of being, we MUST take our hearts with us. This is important… Let your heart come back to life <3 check out our GPS which I will post below the Horoscope video!

GPS with Maya, Zyaire, and Mimi


take a moment and dedicate it to heart <3

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