Sun in Sagittarius; Live Lightly!

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Sun in Sagittarius; Live Lightly!

It’s the time of year when the Sun shifts into the sign of Sagittarius and we can all take a nice sigh of relief. Don’t get me wrong I love Scorpio energy; the intensity, the realness, the rawness. However I am happy to bless it for the year and move on.

When the Sun travels through Scorpio truth bubbles to the surface and although that may stir the pot ultimately it’s all in our highest good. In some way or another your life (or areas of your life) may feel like a pile of ashes on the floor. If you feel like life as you know it has changed; congratulations you are exactly where you are meant to be.

Now comes time for the fun. The pheonix rising from the ashes, the warmth, the welcome home, the dry clothes after walking through a long storm, the return of joy. Joy is in the air this time of year and I encourage you to celebrate it! Celebrate yourself, celebrate the struggles, celebrate life!

Sagittarius energy thrives on optimism; in fact it’s like oxygen and without it the energy suffocates. This is because one of Sag’s major themes is infinite potential; meaning anything can happen. If you are pessimistic and doubting then this energy will get stagnant and stuck; failing to usher blessings into your life.

It’s up to us to take down our human blinders and put on the rose colored glasses. Saturn here with the Sun for the first time in approximately 28 years is teaching us to make a commitment to believing. Believing in ourselves, in the divine, in life. Take responsibility for your beliefs and honestly look at how they are shaping your life. Saturn will be hanging out here for 2 and a half years giving us a golden opportunity to build whatever we desire; however to pull it off we must remain optimistic.

Mercury is also attending the Sagittarius party bringing the energy of communication to the table. Talk about your aspirations, share your dreams and desires with others. Get curious! The more you can become a sponge for wisdom the better. Express yourself and connect with your peeps.

Above all from now until December 23rd live lightly. See yourself radiating. Fill yourself up with that which enhances your light; let go of what’s dimming it. Embrace the big picture and shine who you are with the world.

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