SUN IN LEO July 22 2017 All signs

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SUN IN LEO July 22 2017 All signs

Astrological Vibrations July 22 2017 SUN INTO LEO 8:15 am Pacific time, Moon in Cancer Square Jupiter, Moon Opposite Pluto, Moon Square Uranus

So this is a long scope… because at the end, I go through every sign and your particular focus for the Sun in Leo! (listen for your sun and rising sign!) AND WOO HOO! Here is the Sun! That being said… The Sun will be at 0 degrees, which is always that transformational space where we get to know this new vibration we will be working with! In addition to this 0 degree energy, we have New Moon approaching early tomorrow, so we are in the dark of the Moon in Cancer…dredging up whatever feels are left to be moved through and worked through. Moon Square Jupiter is once again pointing to the focus of finding our balance and center in and through the process of self love. It is important to find that balance for our foundation! Moon Opposite Pluto may stretch us a lil through shifting these feels, but what comes out is important to be let go as we set the structure of this new foundation… Moon Square Uranus.. the LAST connection the makes before the New Moon on Sunday… At the same time that the moon is Square Uranus, it is trine Chiron… things are coming up to be released, liberated and healed…
MEANWHILE SUN IN LEO! The focus through Sun in Leo is JOY! Love begets Joy… but Joy also begets love. Happy people.. Joyful people… do not cause other’s pain. Love can be confusing as we have confused it with many things such as attachment and expectation and even more.. but Joy.. Joy is an important step on the way to love… along with compassion, gratitude and appreciation. Joy will be our focus.. The feeling of a joyful child, the joy of creativity, the joy that the feeling of love fills us with.. this is where we are aiming our attention through this month. Now I’m not saying leo won’t be intense.. but I do feel it will be a different intensity than what we have been going through so far this year… This intensity to me will be burning through the veils that have kept us from joy…and from love. There will be inner child energies coming up to be worked through.. Hopefully the lessons from Sun in Cancer have taught us how to be with that energy and to nurture ourselves, offer foundation for the inner child through the fires. That being said… the processing need not be long and arduous! What is joy to you? What brings you joy? How can you overflow this joy and vibrate it to other (Om Vardhanam namah!) This is your task! Whether it be through your play, your creativity or just moving through the world in your joy… I do feel this is a big shift month for the world.. Please listen for you rising and sun sign lessons for this month… some of the signs have some really interesting lessons for this next month of Leo time love!
Namaste in Joy <3

take a moment and dedicate it to JOY

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